The End?


My Dear Readers,

I began in December 2008–not really knowing what the site would be about. Since then developed into more of a place where I just post outfit of the day posts and my beauty videos via my YouTube page….boring, I know. My heart has not been in this for a long time.

It’s time for a change. With all the recent changes going on in my life, I’ve decided to start a new blog–and this time my heart is in it. The site is called: Living in Rosé and it will be a blog focused on vintage topics– beauty & fashion, lifestyle and occasional modern stuff will be thrown in there too!


Yes, I could have re-vamped my current site but I needed a fresh start. So here’s to new beginnings!

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I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure!


Love & Light–

Nancy Valentino



A Night Out With GHOST!


Papa was so charming <3

Last Thursday I went to my very first Ghost concert held at the lovely Trocadero in Philadelphia.  Ghost is one of my favorite bands, and sadly I missed them back when they toured with my loves, Avenged Sevenfold. When I saw they were heading to Philly on their tour, no doubt-I had to go!! It was so awesome to visit my hometown, it had certainly been a while! I wanted to share a photo of my outfit–I certainly dressed up for the occasion :)


Face of the day

I went for “funeral-chic” *lol* It was such a FUN NIGHT!!!!! Ghost put on a GREAT show. I can’t  wait to see them again live! I was thrilled to have a place to wear my fascinator! I went with a simple black sheath dress, classic pearls, nude matte eye makeup and the ever so chic, red lip <3



The Nameless Ghouls <3


A Night Out With A7X

My hair and makeup for the concert.

My hair and makeup for the concert. You can check out my “Get Ready With Me” video to see the makeup more in depth!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since the A7X show! We created some fantastic & fun memories that night. You have to check out my video to see how  Avenged Sevenfold acts toward my daughter! So glad there was video of it! Check it out >>>>>>here <<<<<<


The dress <3  It was so comfortable and hugged me in the right places. I bought it back in March at Body Central. To make it a bit more on the casual side, I added the denim jacket. Contrary to what you see, these shoes are very comfortable as well! The jacket and clutch are super old. These pumps are my favorite, I wear them all the time–because they are so comfy. In fact, I’m wearing these heels when I see Ghost this month!






Get Ready With Me: Avenged Sevenfold Concert!

♡ Be sure to watch the end of this video to see how Avenged Sevenfold reacts to my daughter! It was by far the happiest family moment ever! This was at the 5/8/2014 show in Hershey, PA!

Products will be listed soon!

A more in depth OOTD video on this look will be up later this week!

A more in depth OOTD video on this look will be up later this week!

Welcome to Pan Am!


This navy sheath dress is my go-to dress. I wear it a lot during Spring and Summer which means I’m always looking for ways to accessorize it. I added this little scarf a la Audrey since there was a bit of a chill to the air–then I realized I had this whole Pan Am look going on-lol!

These photos aren’t the greatest (taken with my cell phone), but I wanted to share this look.


For makeup, I did a light bronzey smokey eye and a pale pink lip <3

1960′s Marilyn Monroe Inspired Hair


Lately I’ve been inspired by hairstyles from the 1960′s however, wearing styles like the beehive & bouffant  isn’t really in our norm today!  I decided to “modernize” the look a bit but still keep it classic ala Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn wore a style that was curled under so it looked like her curls went one way on the entire style where as today, we usually keep the curls or waves symmetrical and aren’t going one way on the entire head.

I chose to do both curling under and away from my face to give it texture and volume.  I curled the front and crown of my head away from my face with a clipless curling iron and I curled the rest of my hair under with a regular curling iron. I pinned the curls for 10 mins until  cooled. I separated the curls with my fingers and teased around the head. I sprayed  my curls with a light mist hairspray.

Overall, this style was pretty simple to achieve and it’s a easy way to embrace your inner  Marilyn while keep it modern.


Soft waves with volume



Trying Something New…



After 7 years, the time has finally come–I bought a new style of sunglasses! While oversized sunnies will always be my number 1, I’ve felt inspired by the cat eye sunnies–some days you need to try something new.


I recently bought these cute little sunglasses that are slightly oversized. I instantly loved them and I also thought–Hello 1950′s! It inspired me to bust out my favorite silk scarf and embrace my inner Audrey & Grace.


These two women are the definition of class and sophistication <3

The silk scarf is not only a timeless accessory, it’s perfect for women of all ages to wear. It’s such an easy way to spruce up your outfit. I wore mine with jeans a white top and I felt extra glam!


Enjoy your week! <3

Celebrating in Florals


We celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday this past week. It was a beautiful day full of beautiful memories. To celebrate the occasion, I went with a vintage inspired floral dress. It’s a vibrant and colorful dress that’s perfect on a sunny spring day!

I kept my accessories neutral and  brought out the green in the dress by wearing emerald earrings. I went with matte neutral eyes and a pale pink lip. My poor belt was too big and kept sliding down! All in all, I loved the look but I do wish I had a green, red or coral belt to bring out the vibrancy on this stunning little dress.


My neutral makeup of the day

My neutral makeup of the day

20140413-DSC_8163 20140413-DSC_8166 20140413-DSC_8168 20140413-DSC_8170



How genuine and sweet does she look here?! I love her expression & everything about this photo.

I recently came across this beautiful photo and I have to admit–the image took my breath away. Her expression…it’s like you could feel what she was feeling in that very moment.

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with history, silent films, vintage beauty/ fashion & Old Hollywood but I rarely talk/ blog about it (that’s about to change). The lovely lady in this photo is Ms. Ruth Malcomson-Schaubel and  this photo inspired me to blog more about this “hidden” passion of mine.

Miss America 1924 - Ruth Malcomson ruth2 ruth3

I find it so neat Ruth was born and raised in my awesome hometown, Philadelphia. She grew up and lived in the very era I dream about so much.  She was discovered by a photographer who insisted on taking her photo (*le sigh* <3 ). She entered a series of beauty contest eventually making it to becoming Miss America 1924.

I found this via Wikipedia and I had to share because it still hold very true today and every young lady and woman should be following these “rules”.

In a published article following the contest, Malcomson provided others with her 10 rules for beauty. Listed briefly, they are:

1.Rise early.
2. Eat a hearty breakfast.
3. Exercise.
4. No alcohol.
5. Smoking is detrimental.
6. Get outdoors.
7. Eat a light lunch.
8. Eat a satisfying dinner.
9. Early to bed.
10. Sleep. 

We have come a long way since the early 1920′s yet how fascinating is it that Ruth’s ten “rules” for beauty still apply today?! At least in my book these rules still apply!

For any of you who are live in Philly or grew up in Philly, you HAVE to check out Old Images of Philadelphia on Facebook. They post so many great  vintage photos of the city and it’s residents. This page is the ONLY reason why I have a personal Facebook account!

Photo Credits: Credit: Historical photo archive, Old Images of Philadelphia & Vintage Everyday blog