Timeless Tuesday: Theda Bara is my Muse


Sultry, Vamp, Seductress….Theda Bara was known as one of the first sex symbols.  I’ve always been a fan of the “vamp” and Theda Bara is synonymous with the term.


Recently, I’ve been wanting to do a Theda Bara inspired makeup look–I know it’s no where near Halloween however, I really enjoy the idea of bringing those vampy makeup looks back. While I know it’s not wearable, it makes me feel a little connected to that era in time–I would love to embrace my inner Theda Bara. So, I’m thinking I will add that inspired look to my list of videos I’d like to do!


Cool piece of trivia….”Theda Bara” is an anagram for “Arab Death”. Fox Studios was the one to come up with the anagram and to take it a step further, Fox Studio publicists said that Theda was the daughter of an Arab sheik & a French woman and that she was born in the Sahara. Obviously this was all untrue.

Theda was born “Theodosia Burr Goodman” in Cincinnati, Ohio. When I found out that she was American and did not have a deep, raspy accent, I was shocked! Though she had a pleasant speaking voice, it just did not fit the voice of Theda I created in my mind after watching her films.


Another cool piece of trivia…Theda played Cleopatra in 1917. This was a surprise to me! Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra in 1963 and since then, she has become largely associated with the role.

“To be good is to be forgotten. I’m going to be so bad I’ll always be remembered.”
–Theda Bara

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Palette


Yesterday, as a belated Mother’s Day gift, I bought the Old Hollywood Palette from Bobbi Brown. The colors are a beautiful mix of cool & warm tones, silvers and “champagne-esque” golds. I can’t wait to play around with this palette!

Sadly I believe this palette was limited edition. I was lucky enough to find it at The Cosmetic Company Store. Here is the first look at this gorgeous palette…this was taken literally as soon as I got back into my car.




Duchess of Cambridge Casual Inspired Look


Even though I love on the other side of the pond, I adore Kate! I think she’s a beautiful woman with impeccable fashion sense! She’s so relatable yet elegant–a modern day Audrey Hepburn for sure!

I don’t often wear “casual” outfits because sometimes casual clothing can come off downright boring and frumpy. I centered my look around this fabulous striped top…I wanted to keep it comfortable yet glam. I thought WWKD? (What would Kate do?) so I shamelessly googled Kate Middleton casual outfits and viola! I was able to easily come up with something comfortable, casual with a little NV glam! Looking to your favorite celebrities for added fashion inspiration is  perfectly okay in my book.

Sometimes we have those days (in a closet FULL of clothes) where we just don’t know what the heck to wear! While most of my fashion inspiration comes from Old Hollywood starlets, Kate is someone I look up to when I’m looking to keep it classy and elegant.

This look is so simple but it took a Duchess wearing it for me to see it’s potential! All you’ll need is…
-Striped top
-Flats or Canvas shoes
-a great pair of shades

When I'm out shopping with my daughter, this type of outfit is a must!!

When I’m out shopping with my daughter, this type of outfit is a must!!



Healthy Italian| Gemelli L’ Estate | Figure Friendly Foodie

Happy Friday! A new Figure Friendly recipe is up on my foodie Youtube channel. To see more of my “figure friendly” recipes, be sure to subscribe to my healthy living Youtube channel click here & to see my weight loss playlist, click here

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Today I’m modifying a recipe by Teresa Guidice. This dish has tons of flavor and is perfect for a Spring or Summer evening meal! Best enjoyed next day!

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